Activated carbon filters are used for the removal of undesirable ozone, chlorine, color, taste, smell of dissolved gases, residues and organic substances in water. It is a material similar to coal but with a very large surface area (1000-1500 m2/g). The efficiency of the activated carbon filter depends on the characteristics of the active carbon used and selecting the correct water filtration rate. Activated carbon filters operate fully automatically without human intervention. One thing to note about activated carbon is that, the mineral bed can create a suitable environment for bacterial growth. Because active carbon accumulates organic matter in the body and if bacteria are present in the water, bacteria can reproduce using this organic substance as nutrients. In such cases, there is a possibility of bacteria leakage therefore, it is important to disinfect before and after the active carbon.


Sand filter system, eliminates clogging both in the fittings and the device by removing the suspended solids up to 20 microns which causes turbidity in the water, is a frequently used low cost system.

Surface piped Sand Filters (Single and Tandem Systems) over 20 m3/h flow rates;

Automatic sand filters with fleck head on FRP tanks (Single and Tandem systems) below 20m3/h flow rates.


Multimedia filters are used to remove suspended solids, turbidity and other particles that water contains. System granulometry degrees are formed by multiple layers with different grades are placed in the body. Another task of the multimedia filters is to protect the equipment to be positioned behind them. They are also used as pre-treatment for process water and drinking water treatment or for eliminating the turbidity of treated water from wastewater treatment systems.


Separator filters, which can operate continuously 24 hours, keep all particles up to 70 microns, the pressure losses are fixed and they can work easily without changing the water flow in high capacities. They can clean themselves automatically and do not need to be shut down during cleaning. As there aren’t any mobile units, they not need spare parts. Since there is no filter element in them, the maintenance is only to clean the chamber where solid substances are collected and there is no risk of clogging.


Cartridge filter systems consist of a filter body and cartridges. The filter body serves as a housing for the cartridges. Cartridges used in filter systems have different micron sensitivities. For this reason it is possible to carry out precise filtration in micron measures, with appropriate number of suitable and effective cartridges for different capacities. The properties of the raw water entering the filters are the criteria affecting the usage period of the filters and the contamination duration of the cartridges. Contaminated cartridges should be replaced as it would reduce pressure sensitivity and would increase pressure loss.


Bag filter systems consist of filter box and bag filters. With the flow of liquid from inside out, all particles and dirt remain in the bag filter. The bag filters that are plugged and dirty over time, are washable.

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