Reverse Osmosis is a membrane filtration process used to seperate all the undesirable minerals in high-hardness waters (seawater, well water with high conductivity, etc.) where conventional treatment systems are inadequate, mostly for obtaining pure water. Water is forced to pass through the pores on the membranes under high pressure. During this process water molecules and some inorganic molecules can pass through these pores, most of the substances in the water can not pass through these pores and are thrown out as concentrated water. It is the cross-flow process that takes place in the membrane element, which ensures that the surface of the membrane remains clean and unobstructed. Due to the cross flow, some of the product water passes through the membrane while some liquid moves parallel to the membrane surface, preventing the minerals separated from the water from sticking to the membrane. This system allows water to be obtained much better than other filtration systems.

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